Farro is history: 

Farro is a cereal of very ancient origins, going back to ancient Egypt in the Nile River Valley more than 5000 years B.C.
Through migrations and conquests, Farro became the everyday food of ancient Romans, mainly for the preparation of the “puls”, the famous soup of boiled cereals.
Farro was sacred to Ceres, the goddess of harvest. The Farro pie “libum farreum” was used during wedding ceremonies to symbolize the entry of the bride into the new house and was offered by the newly married to Jove to plead good luck.
Farro is rightly enjoying a revival at present owing to the rediscovery of its healthy quality.
The Monterosso Farm has been working many years to select a true seed of Triticum Dicoccum”and is cultivating it with success on 500 hectares of land of property.


Farro is well being: 

The rediscovery of good and healthy food has contributed to revalue Farro which can pair good health, diet and good taste.
Monterosso produces Farro directly on land of property and keeps control along the whole line from seed to final pasta making.
Farro is suitable to all diets owing to its very low contents of cholesterol and fats, low calories, high contents of fibre, ten times as much as that of common wheat.
It is rich of calcium and vitamins anti-oxidants flavonoides, it is light to digest, tasty and particularly suitable to Athletes and sportsmen.